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Legislative Agenda

2021 Legislative Agenda to inform our members about the issues the Chamber will be monitoring and advocating for in 2021. It should be noted that this list is not all inclusive, and may be modified during the year.

As a chamber of commerce by and for the LGBT business community and its allies, the policy work of TBLGBTC is centered around five main areas & ECONOMIC & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, HEALTH CARE, TRANSPORTATION, & WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT & Equality. With the Tampa Bay LGBT Chamber Foundation, Education is another important policy area for the organization. TBLGBTC remains a leader in the LGBT business community providing an important and unique voice and perspective.

TBLGBTC’s top priorities will always be the areas where LGBTQ civil rights and economic intersect, where our expertise is the strongest. Due to the diverse needs of a broad membership organization and participation in a variety of coalitions, many other related issues will arise. TBLGBTC’s first priority will always be those issues with a particular impact on the LGBTQ community, and will next prioritize based on where our voice is unique, our expertise is relevant, or our affinity is particularly strong. TBLGBTC will often work in coalition with allied organizations and communities, and will frequently sign on in support of their efforts where others are leading the policy fight.

Proud of our role as a convener and as a nonpartisan constructive voice, TBLGBTC will strive to be present at any negotiating table that our capacity allows. TBLGBTC’s goals always include the creation of good policy over politics.

Chamber Advocacy Statement

The Tampa Bay LGBT Chamber believes in equality for all.  To that end, TBLGBTC will take political positions on issues relating to commerce, equal rights, and tourism. We will not endorse candidates or take positions which are divisive to our community.

About the LGBTQ Marketplace
  • 1.2 Million LGBTQ Tourists spend $1.7 Billion Annually in Central Florida
  • 1.4 Million LGBTQ Owned Businesses Contribute
  • $1.7 Trillion Annually to the US Economy
  • The LGBTQ Market Spends in Excess of $917 Billion Annually in the US
Diversity & Inclusion Work
  • ERG Consortium
  • NGLCC Supplier Diversity Certification
  • NFL Business Connect
  • City of Tampa Procurement
  • Business of Pride
Where We Stand
  • We support the passage of a trans-inclusive ENDA policy
  • We support gender pay equality in the workplace.
  • We support and advocate for diversity and inclusion for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT-owned businesses.
  • We work to ensure implementation of pro-business, LGBT-inclusive policies at the federal, state, and local levels of government.

Tampa Bay LGBT Chamber mission is to support equality in the workplace and society for the LGBTA community. We will work to expand, protect and promote equality and civil rights for all.

Economic & Business Development

Economic and business development thrive where regional collaboration is strong, community is diverse & inclusive, regulatory and tax burdens are minimal, right to work laws that protect our citizens remain in place and wages are economy based. Businesses locate and expand in areas where these factors exist.

Health Care

The Tampa Bay LGBT Chamber supports reducing the cost of health insurance to the business community by increasing access to health insurance for all Floridians and legislation that gives our health care providers the infrastructure and regulatory environment needed to best serve our community.


Transportation is a core service of government that is critical for economic growth and facilitating the efficient delivery of goods and services. Sufficient transportation funding of all options is needed to implement a robust and connected transportation network in the Tampa Bay Region.

Education & Workforce Development

The business community must partner with stakeholders and policymakers to advocate for adequate resources to help recruit, develop and retain talent in the Tampa Bay Region. We must plan today to market and train the workforce of tomorrow.

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