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The Eclipse Is Over: What to Do with Glasses

The solar eclipse is over... now what do you do with your glasses?? We have you covered.



Astronomers Without Borders is currently hosting its second nationwide recycling initiative for eclipse glasses. With the participation of over 300 businesses, schools, museums, city governments, community organizations, and local libraries, millions of glasses are being collected and shipped.

These glasses will be repurposed to benefit underserved communities worldwide during upcoming solar eclipses. This initiative follows AWB's initial drive in 2017, which saw over half a million glasses collected and redistributed to Africa, Asia, and South America for reuse.

You also have the option to contribute to Eclipse Glasses USA, an AAS-approved supplier dedicated to collecting donations of gently used eclipse glasses. After thorough safety inspections, these glasses are shipped to countries expecting upcoming eclipse events. This initiative, endorsed by the AAO, aims to provide school-aged children in economically disadvantaged areas the opportunity to safely witness a solar eclipse.


According to the American Astronomical Society, contemporary eclipse glasses retain their efficacy indefinitely. As long as they adhere to the ISO 12312-2 certification, remain free of punctures, scratches, or tears, and maintain intact filters and lenses, they are expected to remain effective until 2044. The next total solar eclipse will take place on August 23, 2044.


If you aren't going to save them or donate them, just punch out the lens and recycle the cardboard!


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